19 Apr 2017

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: Perennial tulips

There's a corner of the veg patch garden where, in late 2013, I planted tulips that I'd bought during a visit to Sarah Raven's Perch Hill Farm.  Her shop is unbelievably tempting so I was very restrained in coming away with just two bags of bulbs.  One set didn't do at all well but these, her 'Apricot Beauty' set have come back and flowered every year since - now in their fourth year of flowering.  That's very good value.

The Exotic Emperor's are aptly named - they open in the form that we'd expect from a tulip but, as the flowers age the petals widen fully to resemble Chinese water lilies. It's quite spectacular and they seem to last for a good month.  The other two varieties in the set let the Emperor have his day then Apricot Beauty opens to support the now open-petalled show before Spring Green thrusts up to counterpoint the final lily-like days of the Emperor.  It's a great display, subtle but showstopping. The Emperor still rules but there are a few less of the other two.  Reinforcements will be acquired this autumn. I'll put it in my garden diary now in case that thought slips away over the summer.

Top to bottom:  Spring Green, Apricot Beauty, Exotic Emperor


  1. They're lovely. I had a bag of her perennial tulips once but never got round to planting them. Now I wish I had! CJ xx

  2. I would like more tulips next year maybe started in pots until I can see where the gaps are.

  3. All the Sarah Raven tulips I've planted here have come back each year (three times now). These are lovely but I think I like Spring Green best :-) The best of my SR bulbs are Ballerina and Brown Sugar – they both smell delicious. You can never have too many tulips...

  4. I just love Exotic Emperor! Stunning, I shall add it to my list too!xxx

  5. Awesome! I like the first flower


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